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“Cuba Experts” on the Wrong Side of History

| January 22nd, 2013 | No Comments »
InterAmerican Security Watch

“The Castro generation is slowly handing power over to the next generation of party and military leaders who will determine the pace and scope of the reform process.”

—    “Cuba Expert” Ted Piccone of the Brookings Institution, giving one reason why the United States should unilaterally change U.S. policy towards Cuba.

The Cold War had its “Sovietologists;” today we have the “Cuba expert” — and anyone seeking to understand the true nature of the Castro regime and the reality of events in Cuba is worse off for it.

Sovietologists, those presumed subject matter experts who were relied upon by the media for insight to the opaque politics and motivations of the former Soviet Union, are now pretty much a discredited lot.  Not because they couldn’t predict the collapse of the USSR, but because for years they grossly underestimated the moral bankruptcy of tyranny and the power of individuals who simply wanted ... Read More

Analysis: High stakes for Cuba in Chavez’s cancer battle

| December 18th, 2012 | No Comments »
Article originally appeared in Reuters


HAVANA – As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recovers in Havana from his fourth cancer operation, Cubans face renewed worries about their economic future if the country’s top ally dies or has to step down from office.

Cuba has staked its economic well-being on the success – and generosity – of Chavez’s self-declared socialist revolution, much as it did with another former benefactor: the Soviet Union.

Cubans vividly remember the great depression of the 1990s that followed the demise of the Soviet Union, and they worry about the communist-run island plunging into similar economic hardship if Chavez loses his struggle with cancer.

In the 1990s, they suffered through severe shortages of food, consumer goods and oil. Prolonged electricity blackouts made daily life miserable in what the government called the “special period”.

“I remember those days. No lights, no transportation, no food. Nothing of nothing. It drove you crazy and it can’t happen ... Read More