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Guillermo Martinez: For relations to improve, Cuba must do its part

| September 5th, 2013 | No Comments »
Sun Sentinel


Pravda first posed the question in June of 2011.

“Can it be assumed that Raúl Castro is the Cuban Gorbachev, or Deng Xiaoping?” the article said.

More than two years later the question remains unanswered, yet Gorbachev himself now has joined the chorus of those who say the changes being made by Raúl in Cuba should be respected and allowed to develop without foreign interference.

The last president of the Soviet Union and the man who allowed Communism to die in Europe now wants to see relations between Cuba and the United States improve. Gorbachev told a group of journalists gathered in Geneva that the United States had to play a leading role in improving the relationship between the two countries, and that no foreign country should impose its views on what should happen in the island.

Put me on the side of those who want to see relations between the two ... Read More

Is Rafael Correa the Next Hugo Chavez?

| August 23rd, 2013 | No Comments »
The Daily Beast


Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa pulls no punches. Whether from the balcony or in the studios of state-run television, the sharp-tongued South American leader regularly speaks his mind—and most Ecuadorans have learned to cross him at their peril.

Last week, Correa scolded international powers for failing to rally behind his $3.6 billion plan to protect a large patch of Amazonian rainforest and isolated indigenous tribes by leaving a vast stash of oil underground. “Sadly, the world has let us down,” he said, announcing his decision to scrap the bold preservation project and drill for crude under the jungle in Yasuní National Park.

But when green groups and indigenous leaders poured into the streets of Quito to protest this week, Correa turned his tongue on his compatriots. Though gringos got an earful, his main target, unsurprisingly, was local media, which dared to air the discontent. “Now our greatest ‘environmentalists’ are the mercantilist ... Read More

Cuba’s reforms won’t work

| July 23rd, 2013 | No Comments »
Article originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal


They were caught in the Panama Canal with their hands in the missile jar.

Castroism doesn’t change. The complicity between Cuba and North Korea proves it. As stated in Havana by the North Korean Army chief of staff, Gen. Kim Kyok Sik: “I visit Cuba to meet with my comrades in the same trench, namely my Cuban comrades.” Lord, have mercy.

In addition, Raul Castro is very annoyed. The country is a disaster. He said so, publicly, some days ago. The Cubans are thieves and boors, especially the young, who like dirty dancing and the reggaetón. Raul had promised that everyone would be entitled to a glass of milk and hasn’t managed to provide it. Not even that.

There are fewer eggs, less meat, even less chicken. There’s no way to end rationing or the two-currency scam. The state pays with the bad currency, the worthless money, and sells for ... Read More

Venezuela Imploding Like the Soviet Union

| June 21st, 2013 | No Comments »
Real Clear World-01


The crumbling of the Soviet bloc in the late 1980s demonstrated two things: One, that deep-seated economic inefficiencies could force a political system to implode; and two, that such an implosion could be hastened by the ideological obstinacy of its leaders.

The state’s mismanagement of the economy — exacerbated by the Cold War arms race against the U.S and the cost of the invasion of Afghanistan – left in tatters the once powerful Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Thus, in 1985, when Mikhail Gorbachev succeeded the visionless and ideologically-corseted Konstantin Chernenko at the summit of power in the USSR, he couldn’t but realize that the Soviet system lacked economic oxygen to continue playing a superpower. Four years later, the Berlin Wall crumbled.

The current situation in Venezuela – under the Chavez-designated heir and proclaimed winner of a tainted election Nicolás Maduro — is similar to, and no less untenable than, that of the ... Read More

“Cuba Experts” on the Wrong Side of History

| January 22nd, 2013 | No Comments »
InterAmerican Security Watch

“The Castro generation is slowly handing power over to the next generation of party and military leaders who will determine the pace and scope of the reform process.”

—    “Cuba Expert” Ted Piccone of the Brookings Institution, giving one reason why the United States should unilaterally change U.S. policy towards Cuba.

The Cold War had its “Sovietologists;” today we have the “Cuba expert” — and anyone seeking to understand the true nature of the Castro regime and the reality of events in Cuba is worse off for it.

Sovietologists, those presumed subject matter experts who were relied upon by the media for insight to the opaque politics and motivations of the former Soviet Union, are now pretty much a discredited lot.  Not because they couldn’t predict the collapse of the USSR, but because for years they grossly underestimated the moral bankruptcy of tyranny and the power of individuals who simply wanted ... Read More

Raul Castro and the Mending of Fences

| July 30th, 2012 | No Comments »
American Thinker-01


Raul Castro, dictator of Cuba and brother of dictator emeritus Fidel Castro, is in the news.   He took advantage of a Cuban national holiday on July 26, 2012 (a national holiday in a communist country — now that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?), to announce his desire to reopen relations with the United States.

Castro seems reasonable; he says that anything can be on the table, as long as it is a conversation between “equals” — he emphasizes that Cuba is nobody’s puppet, after all.

The Castros seem discouraged that the USA never “forgave and forgot” with Cuba, the way that the USA did with so many other countries two decades ago.  We patched things up with East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, even Russia!   Why not with Cuba too?

Remembering the Cold War

Many today have forgotten — or were never taught at all — the history of the Cold War.  ... Read More

Searching for Gorbachev in Caracas

| April 5th, 2012 | No Comments »
The American


When the going gets tough, the tough apply the thinnest veneers of window dressing—or so one would assume of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan strongman running for his third six-year presidential term this October.

Venezuela has led the world in inflation for every year since 2007, thanks to the expansionary fiscal policy of his “Bolivarian Revolution,” with consumer price index growth topping 26 percent in January 2012. Last year CPI growth outpaced that of wages by 40 percent, leaving people unable to afford basic goods. Chavez reacted as any good economist, and effectively “banned inflation.” When his Fair Prices and Costs Law took effect in November 2011, the government acquired authority to pre-approve all retail prices in the country. Predictably, this has created shortages of food and other consumer staples, as producers and retailers have no incentive to bring products to market that they cannot profitably sell. The Bolivarian Revolution ... Read More

U.S. should speak up for democracy in the region

| February 17th, 2012 | No Comments »
The Miami Herald


Democracy is not a fragile flower, as Ronald Reagan told the British Parliament 30 years ago, but it does require tending. What was true in Eastern Europe in the 1980’s and also the Middle East in the aftermath of the Arab Spring is equally true in the Americas, where democracy has been the norm for a generation.

Despite this, leaders of countries including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua are working to have Cuba’s Raúl Castro invited to the next Summit of the Americas in Colombia. If he is not, they are threatening to boycott the summit.

Now is when the steady voice of the United States in conjunction with other like-minded hemispheric nations is critically needed to tend the democratic garden in the Americas. Washington should embrace this manufactured crisis in order to stand for the fundamental point — enshrined by the Inter-American Democratic Charter signed by all hemispheric governments ... Read More