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Mexico Passes Oil Bill Seen Luring $20 Billion a Year

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Mexico’s Congress approved a bill to end a 75-year state oil monopoly and generate as much as $20 billion in additional foreign investment a year.

The nation’s most significant economic reform since the North American Free Trade Agreement secured the required two-thirds majority in a 353-134 lower-house vote yesterday. The proposal must be ratified by state assemblies, the majority of which are controlled by the alliance backing the reform.

The bill will change Mexico’s charter to allow companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and Chevron Corp. (CVX) to develop the largest unexplored crude area after the Arctic Circle. Supporters say the overhaul could propel Mexico into the top five crude exporting countries while opponents say it will funnel resource wealth to foreign investors. The peso gained.

“The reform will energize Mexico’s economy,” Carlos Capistran, chief Mexico economist at Bank of America Corp., said in a telephone interview yesterday. “Congress ... Read More

Return of the Zapatistas: Are Mexico’s Rebels Still Relevant?

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From Time


At 11:11 am on Dec. 21, the crowds that had flocked from around the world to southern Mexico to mark the end of the Maya calendar’s creation cycle breathed a sigh of relief when the apocalypse never came. But many doomsday tourists witnessed a different sort of news event when tens of thousands of masked Zapatista rebels, all of them descendants of the ancient Maya, marched in silence through towns in Chiapas state in their most high profile mobilization in five years. The Zapatistas and their pipe-smoking poet leader, a non-Maya Mexican known as Subcomandante Marcos, have always been skilled at generating political theater—and the Dec. 21 Maya mania was a golden media opportunity. “Did you hear it?” a Marcos communiqué asked. “It’s the sound of their world ending. It’s that of ours resurging.”

This Zapatista resurgence wasn’t just meant to coincide with Maya scripture, however. Dec. 22 also marked the ... Read More

Mexico says marijuana legalization in U.S. could change anti-drug strategies

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From the Washington Post


MEXICO CITY — The decision by voters in Colorado and Washington state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana has left Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto and his team scrambling to reformulate their anti-drug strategies in light of what one senior aide said was a referendum that “changes the rules of the game.”

It is too early to know what Mexico’s response to the successful ballot measures will be, but a top aide said Peña Nieto and members of his incoming administration will discuss the issue with President Obama and congressional leaders in Washington this month. The legalization votes, however, are expected to spark a broad debate in Mexico about the direction and costs of the U.S.-backed drug war here.

Mexico spends billions of dollars each year confronting violent trafficking organizations that threaten the security of the country but whose main market is the United States, the largest consumer of ... Read More

The Week in Review

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The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide-01


The Mexico Institute’s Elections Guide

The PAN candidates have agreed to a debate, as PRD contender and Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard announces a cabinet shuffle and PRI frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto’s successor is sworn in in the State of Mexico. The IFE determined its electoral calendar for the upcoming year.


Josefina Vázquez Mota, who left her congressional poston September 7th, has agreed to a debate with other contenders Santiago Creel and Ernesto Cordero. The date has not yet been determined.

Cordero, who left his post as Treasury Secretary on September 9th, has been actively campaigning, calling on the PAN to show more determination against the PRI and announcing he would ask current Public Secretary Secretary Genaro García Luna to stay on in his cabinet if he is elected in 2012.

Emilio González is still interested in the race, hoping he might benefit from another candidate’s defection to boost his poll numbers.

Aside from the jostling among the potential ... Read More

Can Mexico Fix Its Image Problem?

| July 15th, 2011 | 4 Comments »
Foreign Policy


MEXICO CITY — About a year ago, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, I spoke to a young police official who works with juvenile delinquents. Juvenile crime is atrociously high in his state, he admits, as are homicides and recruitment of youngsters by the Sinaloa cartel. But the most damaging part, he says, is the tenacious perception of Sinaloa as a drug state, dominated by the larger-than-life figure of drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known as El Chapo. “Worldwide, everyone thinks we’re Chapo’s kids, related to him,” the official said. “You can’t say that everything and everyone [in Sinaloa] is involved in drug trafficking.”

With Mexico gearing up for the July 2012 presidential elections, the current president’s war on organized crime, which has resulted in some 40,000 deaths since 2006‚ is dominating the political conversation. The president, Felipe Calderón, can’t run because of term-limit laws. And most people agree ... Read More