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Official Corruption in Mexico, Once Rarely Exposed, Is Starting to Come to Light

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The New York Times


MEXICO CITY — Andrés Granier has a sumptuous wardrobe and lifestyle. He has bragged about owning 400 pairs of shoes, 300 suits and 1,000 shirts, collected from luxury stores in New York and Los Angeles. His purchases barely fit in his several properties, scattered throughout Mexico and abroad.

A tape recording of Mr. Granier’s boasts, making him sound like a highflying corporate executive, was leaked to a local radio station last month. But his job title, until December, was governor of a midsize southeastern Mexican state, a position that currently pays about $92,000 a year after taxes.

“We go to Fifth Avenue and buy a pair of shoes; $600,” Mr. Granier is heard saying about one of his trips abroad. “I took clothes to Miami, I took clothes to Cancún, I took clothes to my house, and I have leftovers,” he added, saying, “I’m going to auction them off.” (The ... Read More

Mexico reports capture of alleged Zetas cartel commander

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From the Los Angeles Times


MEXICO CITY — An alleged local commander of the Zetas paramilitary cartel in the troubled border state of Coahuila has been captured, the Mexican navy announced Thursday, expressing hope that he might lead authorities to the notorious group’s remaining top leader.

Said Omar Juarez was taken into custody on a prominent street in Saltillo, Coahuila’s capital, the navy said in a statement released as the suspect was presented to reporters in Mexico City. In his possession were weapons and packages containing what may be cocaine and marijuana, the statement said.

Juarez was described by the navy as the Zeta operative in charge of Saltillo, who “presumably” has direct ties to Miguel Angel Treviño, the Zetas’ top leader. Treviño emerged as the undisputed Zetas capo after Heriberto Lazcano was killed in a shootout with navy special forces last month.

Coahuila, which borders Texas and is Mexico’s third-largest state, has recently been the subject of increased ... Read More

Ousted ‘Dictatorship’ Rises Again in Mexico

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Article originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal


ATLACOMULCO, Mexico—It took Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, once described as the “perfect dictatorship,” 71 years to lose power. This Sunday it looks set to regain control of the national government after just 12 years.

Enrique Peña Nieto, a native son of this hillside town that has remained a stronghold of the party, known as the PRI, is the runaway favorite in Sunday’s presidential election, a contest Mexicans hope will kick-start a stalled economy and ease the country’s violent drug war.

An average of six polls shows Mr. Peña Nieto, a former state governor and the new face of the party, with 45% support versus 29% for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who narrowly lost the 2006 election. Josefina Vázquez Mota of the governing National Action Party, or PAN, trails with 24%.

After consecutive six-year terms of PAN presidents—first Vicente ... Read More

La madeja del caso Yarrington

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Si hay algo que es evidente es que nadie en el PRI quiere saber nada de Tomás Yarrington. Cuando comenzaron a presentarse las primeras acusaciones en febrero pasado, en el priismo se dijo que todo era parte de una campaña mediática y se recordó que el ex gobernador había dejado el poder hacía siete años. Ahora, con las acusaciones estadunidenses sobre la mesa, se ha comprendido que esa puede ser una bomba de tiempo que puede causar daños en muchos ámbitos, y el deslinde ha sido absoluto, incluida la suspensión inmediata de sus derechos de militante y, como dijo ayer Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, descartaron también que se pudiera tratar de un complot contra el PRI. El mismo deslinde ha alcanzado también a Humberto Moreira, del cual el candidato presidencial en los últimos días también ha puesto una distancia más que considerable.

Lo cierto es que ese deslinde, como aquí dijimos, tendría que ... Read More

The PRI peril in Mexico

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From the Los Angeles Times


MEXICO CITY — The Mexican version of the old Soviet Politburo is poised to make a comeback, with potentially disastrous consequences for North America. In 2000, the world hailed the end of more than 70 years of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, as a sign of democratic transition. Today, the PRI’s presidential candidate in the July 1 election, Enrique Peña Nieto, threatens to bring back the authoritarian ways of the past.

The PRI has not cleaned up its act or modernized over the last 12 years. To the contrary, it has deepened its networks of corruption and illegality in the territories it still controls. The 10 states where the PRI has never lost power are among the most violent, underdeveloped and corrupt in the country. In these states, democratic transition and accountability are exotic concepts and the local governors rule like despotic feudal lords.

For example, the state ... Read More

The man to beat in Mexico’s presidential race

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From the Los Angeles Times


MEXICO CITY — Nearly two months remain before Mexico picks a new president, but it’s increasingly difficult to envision a winner not named Enrique Peña Nieto.

Peña Nieto, a former governor of Mexico state, the nation’s most populous, has led all major polls, some by 20 points or more. This week, he emerged mainly unscathed from a presidential debate that foes had framed as a high-stakes showdown.

Opponents entered Sunday’s debate hoping for a game-changing gaffe by Peña Nieto. He has largely avoided unscripted public remarks since drawing widespread ridicule late last year when he was unable to name three books that had influenced his life and then could not cite the price of a kilo of tortillas or say how much the minimum wage was.

But there was no such stumble this time by the candidate of the once-ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. Rather, he appeared to successfully blunt a flurry ... Read More

Mexico drug lord’s fate is focus of election year speculation

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From the Los Angeles Times


Reporting from Mexico City—

A tantalizing question is spicing up talk shows and opinion columns as Mexican voters prepare to elect a new president: Will the government spring a “June surprise” by finally nabbing Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman?

Guzman, you might recall, is the world’s most wanted drug suspect — on the lam since escaping a Mexican federal prison in a laundry cart in 2001. He allegedly sits atop a vast crime network reaching into the United States and across much of the globe, and is ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s richest men.

In other words, Guzman would be a sweet trophy for President Felipe Calderon, who could use a big score before voters head to the polls July 1.

Calderon’s conservative National Action Party, or PAN, and its presidential candidate, Josefina Vazquez Mota, trail in the polls, even though formal campaigning hasn’t begun yet. Far ahead is Enrique Peña Nieto, ... Read More

Loan scandal topples head of Mexico’s PRI party

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From the Los Angeles Times


Humberto Moreira, president of Mexico’s former ruling party, quit his post Friday amid a swelling financial scandal that threatened to throw off the party’s bid to retake power in next year’s elections.

Moreira has been hammered for months by charges that in his previous job as governor of the northern state of Coahuila, he left it saddled with $3 billion in debts, at least partly due to loans allegedly sought using falsified documents.

Moreira, who was named head of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, early this year, has denied wrongdoing, saying the heavy borrowing took place after he left the governorship in January to run for the national party post.

The state was run by a stand-in governor, Javier Torres, until Thursday, when Moreira’s brother, Ruben, took over. Both are members of PRI. Ruben Moreira was elected governor in July.

Humberto Moreira announced his resignation before a televised gathering of the ... Read More

Mexico opposition may work with criminals: Calderon

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Article originally appeared in Reuters


Mexican President Felipe Calderon has said politicians in the main opposition party may consider deals with criminals, opening an inflammatory new front in the nation’s presidential election campaign.

Calderon’s blunt remarks about the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which is favored to win the July 1, 2012 election, are unusual in a country where the president is expected to stay largely aloof from party politics.

Centering on the policy that has dominated his presidency — an aggressive army-led crackdown on drug cartels — his comments risk polarizing opinion on how to restore stability to Mexico, where the drug war has killed 44,000 in five years.

Leading members of Calderon’s conservative National Action Party (PAN), other PRI opponents and political analysts have accused the once-dominant party of making secret deals with drug cartels in the past to keep the peace in Mexico.

In a weekend New York Times interview published a day after he said ... Read More

Fallout from deadly Mexico casino fire sparks political brawl

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From the Los Angeles Times


The mayor of Monterrey, where 52 people died in last month’s arson attack, is in President Felipe Calderon’s PAN party, which wants him to resign. Its chief rival, the PRI, has leaped into the fray.

Reporting from Mexico City—

The mayor of Monterrey is feeling the squeeze. His brother is in police custody. His own party wants him to step down. And the horrific fire that killed 52 people in a casino in his city last month has become fodder for some election-season mudslinging.

The Aug. 25 arson attack has proved a debacle for Mayor Fernando Larrazabal and, by extension, for his National Action Party, or PAN, which also happens to be the party of Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Larrazabal has been on the defensive since days after the blaze, when videos turned up showing his brother, Jonas, accepting wads of cash at another gaming center.

The videos stirred suspicion that Jonas Larrazabal might ... Read More

Mexico’s former ruling party leader hits old-style scandals on road to rebrand for 2012

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From the Washington Post

MEXICO CITY — The leader of Mexico’s long-ruling political dynasty is facing some old-style scandals in his campaign to repair the party’s image and regain the presidency in 2012.

Humberto Moreira, who heads the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, recently helped his party’s candidate pull off a decisive gubernatorial victory in Mexico’s most populous state. Now, just as the PRI under Moreira is fielding the strongest candidate in early polling for the 2012 presidential campaign, federal officials have reported a huge 34 billion peso ($2.8 billion) debt in the state of Coahuila, which Moreira governed until January.

A close former aide to Moreira also is under investigation for amassing unexplained wealth, buying property in the U.S. and becoming CEO of two firms and a shareholder in Mexican radio stations on a modest state salary.

Moreira has called the claims a smear campaign against the PRI as it is poised to regain the presidency ... Read More

Abstention in the election of the State of Mexico, over 50%

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From CNN


(Translated by IASW)

The election for governor in the central state of Mexico, which is considered the prelude to the 2012 presidential election and for which 600 million pesos was budgeted for all political parties, reached only a share of around 42 % of the electorate, according to the preliminary results of the Mexico State Electoral Institute (IEEM).

Although the IEEM expected more than 50% of the citizens to vote, absenteeism was around 58%, a figure very similar to that of the gubernatorial election of 2005, according to the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) .

This year, heavy rains during the day were one of the factors that alienated voters from the polls, says local media reports. Another reason was the inconvenience of living in cities like Ecatepec, in the east, they decided not to vote to protest the inaction of state authorities to prevent recurrent floods in the area.

So far, the numbers give ... Read More

Criticism of Calderon mounts over Mexico drug violence

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From the Los Angeles Times

Outrage over the rising death toll has generated sporadic street protests, and a massive demonstration is set for Sunday in Mexico City to denounce the government’s failure to stem the bloodshed.

Reporting from Mexico City— Public dismay over Mexico’s drug violence mixed with election-season jockeying have put President Felipe Calderon on the defensive amid finger-pointing over the carnage.

Following the slaying of a poet’s son and discoveries of hundreds of bodies in mass graves in northern Mexico, critics have stepped up charges that the conservative Calderon is the author of a failed anti-crime strategy. A massive demonstration to protest the country’s rampant violence is planned Sunday in Mexico City.

Calderon, in a series of recent comments, has sought to steer blame toward the violent drug gangs, which at times act with the help of police under the control of local authorities. The president has accused detractors of political aims, and vowed to continue ... Read More