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Venezuela: Prison Uprising Ends After 27 Days

| July 14th, 2011 | No Comments »
Article originally appeared in the Associated Press


A prison uprising that caused seven deaths ended peacefully on its 27th day Wednesday when hundreds of inmates emerged from the embattled Rodeo II prison after negotiations with officials, Venezuelan authorities said.

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said on state television that the National Guard had taken control of the prison from inmates and that “we’ve managed for all of them to come down to the patios.” (See the 25 crimes of the century.)

“We celebrate the triumph of peace, dialogue,” El Aissami said.

He said the standoff had been resolved after long talks with the rebelling inmates, including a guarantee from authorities to the prisoners that they would not be harmed.

Information Minister Andres Izarra wrote via Twitter that 831 inmates had come out of the prison.

After regaining control of the facility, officials began searching for inmates’ weapons, El Aissami said.

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Venezuela prison crisis hits 4th week

| July 8th, 2011 | 1 Comment »
The Miami Herald


Rossy Vamontes is worried that her brother’s petty crime will turn into a death sentence.

For the last 24 days, Alejandro Vamontes has been one of more than 800 inmates trapped inside the notorious Rodeo II prison — with no electricity and little food and water.

The prisoners have refused to let guards in, saying they fear a repeat of an alleged massacre at the nearby Rodeo I prison. In response, The National Guard has laid siege — cutting off electricity and holding back supplies — as it accuses powerful mafias of keeping the majority of the prisoners hostage.

The standoff at Rodeo II was turning into a national embarrassment, as media outlets provided round-the-clock coverage and tallied the growing body count. But when President Hugo Chávez announced last week that he’d had a cancerous tumor removed in Cuba, the cameras fled.

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Fire rips through Venezuelan prison as gunfights between troops and inmates continue

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Article originally appeared in the Associated Press


GUATIRE, Venezuela – Fire ripped through a prison where thousands of Venezuelan troops struggled to put down a revolt by inmates on Sunday as dozens of horrified relatives tried to watch the fighting.

Officials gave few descriptions about the progress of the three-day battle at the Rodeo I prison and did not say if more people had been killed or injured beyond the three dead and 18 wounded reported on the first day of the clash. Gunfire continued to rattle from the compound.

Deputy Justice Minister Nestor Reverol told state television the pre-dawn fire was caused by a short circuit, and that inmates had been evacuated before flames engulfed a building. Some relatives outside said that prisoners will cell phones had told them troops started the blaze.

Evelyn Rodriguez, 27, climbed a nearby hill for a view and gasped when she peered through binoculars to see the prison blacked by the ... Read More