<a href="https://medium.com/backchannel/the-only-internet-most-cubans-know-fits-in-a-pocket-and-moves-by-bus-c96b7e82f7aa">The Only Internet Most Cubans Know Fits in a Pocket and Moves by Bus</a>

The Only Internet Most Cubans Know Fits in a Pocket and Moves by Bus

It’s called El Packete, and it arrives weekly in the form of thumb drives loaded with enormous digital files. Those drives make their way across the island from hand to hand, by bus, and by 1957 Chevy, their contents copied and the drive handed on. …


<a href="http://dailysignal.com/2015/06/15/why-us-engagement-with-cuba-has-been-deadly-for-human-rights-activists/">Why US ‘Engagement’ With Cuba Has Been Deadly for Human Rights Activists</a>

Why US ‘Engagement’ With Cuba Has Been Deadly for Human Rights Activists

By John Suarez

President Obama’s engagement policy with the Castro regime, announced in 2009, has led to a massive increase in arbitrary detentions, violence against activists and the deaths of high-profile opposition leaders under circumstances that point to extrajudicial executions carried out by Cuban state security.


<a href="http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/06/15/how-important-is-brazil-to-the-worlds-oil-market/">How Important Is Brazil To The World’s Oil Market?</a>

How Important Is Brazil To The World’s Oil Market?

By Kenneth Rapoza

Two things put Brazil’s oil wealth in the public eye again this year. One good. One not so good. First the not so good: Petrobras.  The state-owned oil firm is up to its eyeballs in scandal. It’s led to the bankruptcy of around four Petrobras partner firms, and the arrest of dozens of executives, including high level Petrobras managers implicated in money laundering and accounting fraud. So that’s the bad side of Brazil’s oil business.


<a href="http://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2015/6/rubio-bizarre-and-confusing-for-obama-administration-to-meet-with-venezuela-s-most-corrupt-official">Rubio: Bizarre And Confusing For Obama Administration To Meet With Venezuela’s Most Corrupt Official</a>

Rubio: Bizarre And Confusing For Obama Administration To Meet With Venezuela’s Most Corrupt Official

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights and Global Women’s Issues, issued the following statement regarding this past weekend’s meeting between the Obama Administration and Diosdado Cabello, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly who is under U.S. investigation for drug trafficking: “‎By meeting with the Venezuelan regime’s most corrupt official, who also happens to be under investigation as a drug kingpin, the Obama Administration‎ ...  

<a href="http://www.semana.com/mundo/articulo/panama-las-investigaciones-que-acosan-al-expresidente-martinelli/431431-3">Panamá: las investigaciones que acosan al expresidente Martinelli</a>

Panamá: las investigaciones que acosan al expresidente Martinelli

Lo mismo que ocurrió en Colombia con las interceptaciones ilegales de comunicaciones o ‘chuzadas’ a críticos o miembros de la oposición -que comprometió a varios altos funcionarios del gobierno de Álvaro Uribe- se desarrolla en la vecina Panamá. … 


<a href="https://www.stratfor.com/analysis/argentinas-next-president-few-economic-options">For Argentina’s Next President, Few Economic Options</a>

For Argentina’s Next President, Few Economic Options

Argentina’s political landscape is coming into focus as the various political blocs prepare for the Aug. 5 presidential primary and general elections in October. Over the past few weeks, the race has narrowed to a contest between the business-friendly Republican Proposal candidate, Mauricio Macri, and the ruling Front for Victory’s candidate, Daniel Scioli. …


<a href="http://www.lapatilla.com/site/2015/06/14/carlos-alberto-montaner-las-tres-tentaciones-del-chavismo/">Carlos Alberto Montaner: Las tres tentaciones del chavismo</a>

Carlos Alberto Montaner: Las tres tentaciones del chavismo

Por Carlos Alberto Montaner

A fines de año Venezuela debe celebrar elecciones legislativas. El país experimenta el mayor desastre de América Latina y el gobierno debe perder los comicios de forma abrumadora si fueran realmente libres y transparentes.

Lo ha revelado la cuidadosa encuesta de DatinCorp. El 74% de los venezolanos opina que la situación es mala o pésima.El 45% se siente cerca de la oposición y sólo el 22 respalda al gobierno. …


“<a href="http://www.janes.com/article/52150/russian-scandal-postpones-venezuelan-kalashnikov-munition-factories">Russian scandal postpones Venezuelan Kalashnikov, munition factories</a>

Russian scandal postpones Venezuelan Kalashnikov, munition factories

By Iñigo Guevara

Construction of a Kalashnikov assault rifle factory and corresponding munitions factory will be further delayed, according to Russian reports. The delays are being attributed to an alleged multi-million dollar fraud that led to corruption charges filed against a former Russian senator. …


<a href="http://www.bloombergview.com/quicktake/venezuela-price-revolution">Venezuela: The Price of Revolution</a>

Venezuela: The Price of Revolution

By Nathan Crooks

Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia and more poverty than Brazil. As the world’s only left-wing petrostate, it hopes to light a revolutionary path to prosperity for Latin America’s poor. …


<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/13/world/americas/corruption-scandals-driving-protests-in-guatemala-and-honduras.html?_r=1">Wave of Protests Spreads to Scandal-Weary Honduras and Guatemala</a>

Wave of Protests Spreads to Scandal-Weary Honduras and Guatemala

By Elizabeth Malkin

MEXICO CITY — In Guatemala, angry citizens marched under pelting rain, undeterred. In Honduras, they carried torches at dusk. A wave of protests against corruption scandals that is sweeping across Latin America has reached Central America. …


<a href="http://nationalinterest.org/feature/america-must-take-brazil-seriously-13111">America Must Take Brazil Seriously</a>

America Must Take Brazil Seriously

By Eric Farnsworth

BRAZIL IS on the move. Its economic strength over the past decade has provided the primary means for it to develop long-standing ambitions for a larger global-leadership stake—a path that U.S. policy makers have encouraged for many years, presuming that a stronger, democratic Brazil more actively engaged globally would be a natural ally for the United States. …


<a href="http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/8f9cc4ac-1291-11e5-8cd7-00144feabdc0.html?siteedition=intl#axzz3d8jI9rec">Colombia to persist with peace talks despite attacks</a>

Colombia to persist with peace talks despite attacks

By Andres Schipani

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos said this weekend he would persist with the most advanced peace negotiations in five decades of armed conflict even as Marxist rebels step up attacks on security forces and disrupt energy supplies. …


<a href="http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2015/06/14/eln-guerrilla-commander-killed-in-military-operation-in-colombia/">ELN guerrilla commander killed in military operation in Colombia</a>

ELN guerrilla commander killed in military operation in Colombia

Jose Amin Hernandez Manrique, commander of the Dario Martinez Front of the National Liberation Army, or ELN, guerrilla group, was killed in a military operation in Antioquia, a province in northwestern Colombia, officials said Sunday. …


<a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/14/us-venezuela-usa-idUSKBN0OU0VN20150614">U.S., Venezuelan officials meet in Haiti, continue quiet diplomacy</a>

U.S., Venezuelan officials meet in Haiti, continue quiet diplomacy

By Girish Gupta

A U.S. envoy has met Venezuela’s second most powerful official in Haiti in a further sign of rapprochement between the ideological foes, according to Venezuelan state media.

Thomas Shannon, counselor to Secretary of State John Kerry, has emerged in recent months as a go-between for Caracas and Washington, visiting Venezuela a couple of times for low-profile meetings with President Nicolas Maduro.



<a href="http://www.wsj.com/articles/cuba-after-the-castros-the-likely-scenario-1434319520">Cuba After the Castros: The Likely Scenario</a>

Cuba After the Castros: The Likely Scenario

By José Azel

The 2008 succession from Fidel to Raúl Castro was efficient and effective. But the popular hallucination outside the island—in which Gen. Castro intervenes forcefully to end the communist era and inaugurates a democratic, market-oriented Cuba—is not going to be how the story ends.


<a href="http://sumarium.com/cae-la-popularidad-de-humala-a-17-por-las-denuncias-contra-su-esposa/">Cae la popularidad de Humala por denuncias contra su esposa</a>

Cae la popularidad de Humala por denuncias contra su esposa

(Lima, Perú. AFP) La popularidad del presidente peruano, Ollanta Humala, cayó a 17% en junio, su nivel más bajo desde que llegó al poder en julio de 2011, jalonado por denuncias de lavado de activos contra su esposa, según un sondeo publicado este domingo.





<a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/china-plans-to-build-a-3300-mile-railway-across-south-america-2015-6">China’s $10 billion railway across South America is either bold or insane</a>

China’s $10 billion railway across South America is either bold or insane


China has just agreed on feasibility studies with Brazil and Peru for a 3,300-mile rail link connecting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Reuters reported recently. …


<a href="http://sumarium.com/cae-la-popularidad-de-humala-a-17-por-las-denuncias-contra-su-esposa/">Europe tries to compete with China’s influence in Latin America</a>

Europe tries to compete with China’s influence in Latin America


Unable to match China’s offer of $250 billion in investment in Latin America, the EU sought ways on Thursday to avoid being marginalized in the region, offering new trade deals, visa-free travel and deeper ties. …


Peña, sin el “momento político” que necesita

Peña, sin el “momento político” que necesita

Por Francisco Garfias

Un think tank estadunidense, en el que participan funcionarios demócratas y republicanos, hizo un análisis de las pasadas elecciones mexicanas para la compañía Visión Américas, dedicada a identificar oportunidades de negocios en América Latina.

El informe, que contiene más sombras que luces para el gobierno federal y los partidos políticos, advierte que los resultados en las urnas no le dan al presidente Peña el “momento político” que requiere para salvaguardar su ambiciosa agenda de reformas estructurales.

Destaca, eso ...  

Mixed bag from Mexico’s Sunday elections-By Roger F. Noriega

Mixed bag from Mexico’s Sunday elections-By Roger F. Noriega

By Roger F. Noriega

Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) barely held on to a working majority in the 500-member lower house of Congress, according to preliminary results of Sunday’s national elections. And, history was made with the election of the first independent gubernatorial candidate; Jaime Rodriguez Calderón, known as “The Bronco,” will govern the northern state of Nuevo Leon, an industrial hub whose $81 billion economy makes it the second richest in the country. The elections represent a mixed bag ...  

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During the last several decades, the United States has invested billions of dollars in trying to help the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean deliver better lives for their citizens. This has meant helping them increase internal security by combating the illicit growing and trafficking in narcotics and the activities of terrorist groups, as well as helping them to shore up their democratic and free market institutions.

Unfortunately, in recent years, continued progress in these areas has been threatened, not least by the elections of radical populist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. These governments have instituted retrograde agendas that include the propagation of class warfare, state domination of the economy, assaults on private property, anti-Americanism, support for such international pariahs as Iran, and lackluster support for regional counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics initiatives.

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