<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/02/world/americas/mexicans-remain-pessimistic-on-economy-despite-signs-of-progress.html?_r=1">Pessimism Pervades Mexico as Economic Promises Fall Short</a>

Pessimism Pervades Mexico as Economic Promises Fall Short

Jesús Rascón embodies the sort of success story that was supposed to epitomize “Mexico’s moment.” The plastics company he founded 13 years ago now employs 350 people in two factories. He sells parts to global companies like Volkswagen and Whirlpool. Even the slide in the value of the Mexican peso this year works in his favor because it makes his products cheaper overseas. …


<a href="http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/01/americas/guatemala-president-immunity-stripped/index.html">Guatemalan President stripped of immunity</a>

Guatemalan President stripped of immunity

Guatemala’s Congress voted Tuesday to strip President Otto Pérez Molina of his immunity. It’s a key step that paves the way for Pérez Molina’s possible prosecution as part of a corruption investigation that has shaken his government and sparked protests calling for his resignation. …


<a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/02/us-venezuela-china-oil-idUSKCN0R201V20150902">China signs off on $5 billion loan to boost Venezuela oil output: Maduro</a>

China signs off on $5 billion loan to boost Venezuela oil output: Maduro

Venezuela and China have signed a deal for a $5 billion loan designed to increase the OPEC country’s oil production, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said. …


Mexico’s Cycle of Crime and Corruption

Mexico’s Cycle of Crime and Corruption

By Roger F. Noriega & Felipe Trigos

Key Points

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s plan to prioritize a social and economic agenda above security issues was never realistic, and crime across the country shows that his security policy is failing. If Mexico is going to take its place as a prosperous country in a globalized world, it will have to invest both political capital and money to build a criminal justice system that will apply the rule of law against violence and corruption. ...  

<a href="http://www.elnuevoherald.com/noticias/mundo/america-latina/colombia-es/article33210516.html">Venezuela amplía estado de excepción en la frontera con Colombia</a>

Venezuela amplía estado de excepción en la frontera con Colombia

CARACAS - El Gobierno venezolano informó este martes de la ampliación del estado de excepción a otros cuatro municipios fronterizos con Colombia por el occidental estado Táchira en los que el presidente Nicolás Maduro ordenó el cierre de los pasos el viernes pasado. …


<a href="http://internacional.elpais.com/internacional/2015/08/31/actualidad/1441052179_531912.html">El sector educativo echa un pulso al Gobierno de Uruguay</a>

El sector educativo echa un pulso al Gobierno de Uruguay

El presidente uruguayo, Tabaré Vázquez, enfrenta una crisis interna por las divisiones de la coalición izquierdista de Frente Amplio, que lidera, y un paro intermitente de los sindicatos de la enseñanza, que dura ya dos semanas. La protesta del sector de la educación eclipsa la presentación ante el Parlamento de un proyecto de presupuesto que sería la envidia de muchos países porque incluye un aumento de los gastos e inversiones en sectores clave para el desarrollo del país. …


<a href="http://www.lapatilla.com/site/2015/09/01/abogado-de-leopoldo-lopez-existe-una-contradiccion-absurda-entre-los-hechos-que-la-fiscalia-plantea-en-sus-conclusiones-y-la-verdad/">Abogado de Leopoldo López: Existe una contradicción absurda entre los hechos que la Fiscalía plantea y la verdad</a>

Abogado de Leopoldo López: Existe una contradicción absurda entre los hechos que la Fiscalía plantea y la verdad

El abogado defensor Juan Carlos Gutiérrez expresó que durante la primera audiencia de la fase de conclusiones del juicio contra el líder opositor venezolano Leopoldo López, se evidenció la intención por parte de la Fiscalía de ratificar una condena injusta contra el dirigente político ya que todas las pruebas presentadas y evaluadas confirman su inocencia. …


<a href="http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2015/08/31/colombia-no-consigue-convocar-reunion-de-cancilleres-en-la-oea/">Colombia no consigue convocar reunión de cancilleres en la OEA</a>

Colombia no consigue convocar reunión de cancilleres en la OEA

No avanzó el pedido de Colombia en la OEA para que se llevara a cabo una reunión de cancilleres para abordar el tema de la frontera con Venezuela. En el encuentro de embajadores este lunes, la votación quedó 17 a favor, 5 en contra y hubo 11 abstenciones. Colombia necesitaba 18 para que se convocara la reunión. …


<a href="http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2015/09/01/encuesta-60-de-los-mexicanos-aun-no-ve-beneficios-al-pais-con-pena/">Encuesta: 60% de los mexicanos aún no ve beneficios al país con Peña</a>

Encuesta: 60% de los mexicanos aún no ve beneficios al país con Peña

Con casi tres años de gobierno del presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, seis de cada 10 mexicanos afirman que aún no ven las mejoras que ofreció el mandatario durante su gestión, según una encuesta publicada este lunes por el diario Excélsior. …


<a href="http://colombiareports.com/colombia-one-vote-short-to-call-oas-summit-over-crisis-with-venezuela/">Colombia one vote short to call OAS summit over crisis with Venezuela</a>

Colombia one vote short to call OAS summit over crisis with Venezuela

Colombia on Monday was one vote short at the Organization of American States to summon a meeting of foreign ministers over the ongoing border crisis with Venezuela. …


<a href="http://www.wsj.com/articles/brazil-2016-budget-plan-sees-primary-deficit-of-0-2-of-gdp-1441051416">Brazil 2016 Budget Plan Shows Economic Weakness</a>

Brazil 2016 Budget Plan Shows Economic Weakness

BRASÍLIA—President Dilma Rousseff’s economic team further exposed the extent of the country’s financial and political disarray Monday as it submitted a 2016 budget proposal to Congress that does nothing to pay down the soaring national debt. The move highlights the failure of Ms. Rousseff’s government to get her economic program approved by Congress and moved Latin America’s largest economy a step closer to losing its investment-grade. …



<a href="http://www.dw.com/en/el-salvador-in-the-grip-of-gangs/a-18681478">El Salvador in the grip of gangs</a>

El Salvador in the grip of gangs

El Salvador, one of the poorest and most violent countries in Latin America, saw 125 gang-related homicides within three days last week. Now its constitutional court has classified the gangs as terrorist organizations. …


<a href="http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2015/08/31/venezuela-rejects-oas-handling-border-crisis-with-colombia/">Venezuela rejects OAS handling border crisis with Colombia</a>

Venezuela rejects OAS handling border crisis with Colombia

The Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of American States on Monday announced that his government does not want to have its border crisis with Colombia dealt with at a meeting of foreign ministers proposed by Bogota. …


<a href="http://blogs.reuters.com/great-debate/2015/09/01/four-reasons-not-to-give-up-on-brazil/">Four reasons not to give up on Brazil</a>

Four reasons not to give up on Brazil

Brazil is enduring one of its most acute crises since the return of democracy in the 1980s. Amid a sharp economic downturn, the combination of growing popular discontent and a massive corruption scandal involving state-controlled oil giant Petrobras and major construction companies has prevented President Dilma Rousseff’s administration from being able to govern effectively. …


<a href="http://www.crisisgroup.org/en/publication-type/media-releases/2015/latin-america/political-turmoil-in-guatemala-opportunities-and-risks.aspx">Political Turmoil in Guatemala: Opportunities and Risks</a>

Political Turmoil in Guatemala: Opportunities and Risks

Guatemala is confronting a fast-moving crisis of political legitimacy, as prosecutors reveal new evidence that appears to implicate President Otto Pérez Molina and his former vice president in an allegedly massive tax fraud scheme. Powerful business and civil society organisations are calling for the president’s resignation. Almost twenty years after the end of a bloody civil war, Guatemala has an opportunity to overcome a legacy of impunity, weak institutions and crippled political parties. …


<a href="http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-08-31/the-scandal-that-may-save-guatemala">The Scandal That May Save Guatemala</a>

The Scandal That May Save Guatemala

For the last 20 Saturdays, Guatemalans have streaked their faces in blue and white, grabbed their vuvuzelas and flooded the central plaza of Guatemala City. The protesters have demanded the immediate resignation of President Otto Perez Molina, who has been named by prosecutors in a multimillion-dollar tax fraud scam that allegedly lined the pockets of government higher-ups while helping favored businesses evade a fortune in import duties. …


<a href="http://news.yahoo.com/venezuelan-leader-says-colombia-plotting-assassination-201344352.html">Venezuelan leader says Colombia plotting his assassination</a>

Venezuelan leader says Colombia plotting his assassination

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday accused Colombia’s government of giving its consent to a plan to assassinate him as both countries try to rally regional support in a border dispute exacerbating tensions between the two neighbors. …


<a href="http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2015/08/31/colombia-le-dara-nacionalidad-a-venezolanos-de-familias-deportadas/">Colombia le dará nacionalidad a venezolanos familiares de colombianos deportados</a>

Colombia le dará nacionalidad a venezolanos familiares de colombianos deportados

La cancillería de Colombia anunció que otorgará la nacionalidad a los venezolanos que integren familias colombo-venezolanas, con miras a reunificarlas luego de que el gobierno de Venezuela deportó a cientos de colombianos en los últimas semanas. …


<a href="http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-31/chile-july-retail-sales-manufacturing-rise-less-than-forecast">Chile’s Industrial Output Declines and Jobless Rate Rises</a>

Chile’s Industrial Output Declines and Jobless Rate Rises

Chile’s industrial production fell in July from the year earlier as mining output contracted, while the jobless rate rose, damping hopes that domestic demand would help growth accelerate later this year. …


<a href="http://www.economist.com/news/americas/21662724-ranks-disgruntled-brazilians-are-groiwing-another-big-decline-gdp?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/anotherbigdeclineingdp">Brazil’s Economy: Another big decline in GDP</a>

Brazil’s Economy: Another big decline in GDP

BRAZIL’S GDP shrank by 1.9% in the second quarter of 2015 compared with the previous quarter, the biggest decline by that measure since 2009. Compared with the same quarter last year, the economy contracted by 2.6%. …


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Unfortunately, in recent years, continued progress in these areas has been threatened, not least by the elections of radical populist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. These governments have instituted retrograde agendas that include the propagation of class warfare, state domination of the economy, assaults on private property, anti-Americanism, support for such international pariahs as Iran, and lackluster support for regional counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics initiatives.

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