<a href="http://colombiareports.com/farc-attacked-more-than-150-times-since-lifting-ceasefire/">FARC attacked more than 150 times since lifting ceasefire</a>

FARC attacked more than 150 times since lifting ceasefire

Colombia’s largest rebel group, the FARC, have carried out more than 150 attacks since they lifted their self-imposed unilateral ceasefire last month, reported a conflict monitoring group.


<a href="http://www.ntn24ya.info/noticia/violento-fin-de-semana-en-mexico-deja-22-muertos-en-el-estado-de-nuevo-leon-56460">Violento fin de semana en México deja 22 muertos en el estado de Nuevo León</a>

Violento fin de semana en México deja 22 muertos en el estado de Nuevo León

Los cuerpos de cinco personas fueron halladas este domingo en el estado mexicano de Nuevo León, sumando 22 asesinatos desde el viernes en esta región que acaba de elegir a su nuevo gobernador y había vivido varios años en relativa paz, informaron autoridades. …


<a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/venezuelan-inflation-leads-to-a-47000-iphone-2015-6">Inflation is so bad in Venezuela that an iPhone costs more than $47,000  </a>

Inflation is so bad in Venezuela that an iPhone costs more than $47,000

By Cale Guthrie Weissman

Venezuela is currently in an economic crisis, and it’s causing the price of everyday gadgets to skyrocket.

It’s so bad that, according to the official exchange rate, an iPhone 6 costs over $47,000, reports Bloomberg.


<a href="http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2015/06/21/farc-rebels-knock-out-power-to-5-cities-in-colombia/">FARC rebels knock out power to 5 cities in Colombia</a>

FARC rebels knock out power to 5 cities in Colombia

FARC guerrillas blew up an electricity transmission tower in southwestern Colombia, knocking out power to Tumaco, one of the country’s main Pacific ports, the Nariño Power Company, or Cedenar, said. … 


<a href="http://freebeacon.com/issues/documents-reveal-ecuadorian-government-organized-protests-on-u-s-soil/">Documents Reveal Ecuadorian Government Organized Protests on U.S. Soil</a>

Documents Reveal Ecuadorian Government Organized Protests on U.S. Soil

By Lachlan Markay

The government of Ecuador organized protests that took place outside the building where a legal dispute between the South American nation and oil giant Chevron was being hashed out, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveal. …




RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — El índice de aprobación de la presidenta Dilma Rousseff cayó aún más a cifras no vistas desde que un mandatario brasileño fuera sometido a juicio político por corrupción. …


“<a href="http://www.mcclatchydc.com/static/features/NicaCanal/?brand=mia">China’s might driving plan for Nicaragua canal</a>

China’s might driving plan for Nicaragua canal

By Tim Johnson

There’s almost no other way to describe the proposal to build a 170-mile, inter-oceanic canal across Nicaragua, and while the plan has been greeted with widespread skepticism, powerful global forces may also coax the project forward. …


Easing Venezuela’s crash

Easing Venezuela’s crash

By Jackson Diehl

For months, Venezuelans have been reading reports that one of the most powerful figures in their autocratic and virulently anti-American government, National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello, is a principal target of a U.S. criminal investigation into a Caracas-based drug trafficking cartel. So imagine their surprise when media linked to Cabello began displaying a photograph of the alleged kingpin meeting with a smiling senior State Department official in Haiti this month.

Why would Thomas Shannon, a senior counselor to Secretary of State John ...  

Dancing With Another Dictatorship

Dancing With Another Dictatorship

By Mary Anastasia O’Grady

What was a senior U.S. diplomat doing in Haiti recently meeting with a Venezuelan politician who is reportedly being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for running a giant cocaine-smuggling operation?

That’s the question raised by photos that surfaced on the Internet last week showing State Department counselor Tom Shannon posing with Venezuelan National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello in Port-au-Prince. Also in the photos: Haitian President Michel Martelly, the Venezuelan foreign minister, and a French chavista with Venezuelan citizenship who is currently posted in ...  

<a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/mexico-is-facing-a-cental-americans-migrant-crisis-2015-6">Mexico is facing a deadly Central American migrants crisis  </a>

Mexico is facing a deadly Central American migrants crisis

By Christopher Woody

Bloody clashes have left hundreds of Mexican security personnel, gang members, and civilians dead or wounded in the past few weeks. …


<a href="http://www.worldcrunch.com/default/ecuador-raffael-correa-amp-39-s-quot-dictatorship-of-the-heart-quot-/correa-politics-propaganda-freedom-of-expression-social-networks/c0s19096/#.VYgK5864lTa">Ecuador: Rafael Correa’s “Dictatorship Of The Heart”</a>

Ecuador: Rafael Correa’s “Dictatorship Of The Heart”

BOGOTA — The government of Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa released a somewhat Orwellian video last month that tries to turn the concept of dictatorship on its head.

The soundtrack of the video, which touts the administration’s various achievements, is a schmaltzy pop song that goes: “If this is a dictatorship, then we’ve been had. Until recently I thought dictator meant a tyrant… If this is a dictatorship, then let’s applaud the dictating heart.” …


<a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/20/us-venezuela-colombia-border-idUSKBN0P00VV20150620">Colombia protests Venezuela fixing of maritime border</a>

Colombia protests Venezuela fixing of maritime border

Colombia’s foreign ministry has sent a letter of protest to neighboring Venezuela after the government of President Nicolas Maduro decreed maritime borders in a disputed area of the Atlantic Ocean, a ministry source said on Saturday.



<a href="http://www.uca.edu.sv/noticias/texto-3716">El Salvador-El caso ENEL</a>

El Salvador-El caso ENEL

Hoy en día, y después de la venta de acciones del Estado a la compañía italiana ENEL, no puede dudarse ya de que es político el caso que se mantiene contra quienes autorizaron o firmaron el contrato de privatización progresiva de la empresa estatal LaGeo. Todos sabemos que la negativa a que se diera el traslado de la mayoría de acciones a ENEL tiene una motivación corrupta. …


<a href="http://www.elnuevoherald.com/noticias/mundo/america-latina/venezuela-es/article24958867.html">Senadores exigen que Brasil denuncie a Venezuela en el Mercosur y la Unasur</a>

Senadores exigen que Brasil denuncie a Venezuela en el Mercosur y la Unasur

BRASILIA-Los senadores brasileños que intentaron ayer visitar a opositores venezolanos presos y que fueron rodeados por partidarios del Gobierno de Caracas que protestaban por su presencia en Venezuela, reclamaron el viernes que el Ejecutivo de Brasil denuncie la “falta de libertades” en Venezuela ante el Mercosur y la Unasur. …




<a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/19/brazil-petrobras-scandal-idUSL1N0Z50JB20150619">Brazil arrests powerful Odebrecht CEO in Petrobras probe</a>

Brazil arrests powerful Odebrecht CEO in Petrobras probe

By Caroline Stauffer and Walter Brandimarte

(Reuters) – Brazilian police on Friday arrested Marcelo Odebrecht, the head of Latin America’s largest engineering and construction company Odebrecht SA, local media said, pulling the most high-profile executive into the corruption investigation at state-run oil firm Petrobras.


<a href="http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/jun/18/honduras-charges-no-2-in-congress-with-fraud-in/">Honduras charges No. 2 in congress with fraud in scandal</a>

Honduras charges No. 2 in congress with fraud in scandal

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Prosecutors in Honduras charged the vice president of the nation’s congress with fraud, falsification of documents and crimes against public health in a widening corruption investigation Thursday. …


<a href="http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/06/19/uk-peru-politics-fiscal-idUKKBN0OZ02P20150619">Peru’s Congress grants Humala special powers on economy</a>

Peru’s Congress grants Humala special powers on economy

By Marco Aquino and Mitra Taj

Peru’s Congress on Thursday granted President Ollanta Humala special powers to pass new economic reforms, a rare congressional victory for his government as a year-long slowdown shows signs of recovery.



<a href="http://www.wsj.com/articles/east-coast-ports-could-see-a-substantial-traffic-boost-from-panama-canal-expansion-report-1434603601">East Coast Ports Could See a Substantial Traffic Boost From Panama Canal Expansion -Report</a>

East Coast Ports Could See a Substantial Traffic Boost From Panama Canal Expansion -Report

By Erica E. Phillips

A new report estimates that up to 10% of cargo moving from Asia to the U.S. could shift from West Coast to East Coast ports after the Panama Canal expansion is completed next year. …


<a href="http://www.dw.de/brazil-senators-blocked-in-venezuela-en-route-for-visit-to-jailed-opposition-leader/a-18526211">Brazil senators blocked in Venezuela en route for visit to jailed opposition leader</a>

Brazil senators blocked in Venezuela en route for visit to jailed opposition leader

“Our bus was under siege; they were beating and trying to break it,” one of the senators, Ronaldo Caiado wrote via his Twitter account. “I filmed them throwing stones against the bus.” …


<a href="http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-06-18/ecuador-exports-its-kangaroo-courts">Ecuador Exports Its Kangaroo Courts</a>

Ecuador Exports Its Kangaroo Courts

By Mac Margolis

Forget for a moment that Brazil is in its worst recession in a quarter century, Latin America’s exports are in the tank, and citizens across the region are marching against corruption.


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