Division General, Cliver Alcalá Cordones: “World upside down, a drug dealer targets a general who fought against him”

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Noticiero DigitalI think these are elements that are handled within a framework of attacks towards the government, the Republic, the country. “With these words, Major General Cliver Alcalá Cordones, commander of the Fourth Armored Division of the Garrison of Maracay, justified why the Department of the Treasury of the United States recently included it him in the list of people who support drug traffickers and guerrillas.

After recalling that they have been included in the “black list,” both General Henry Rangel Silva, commander of the Strategic Operational Command and the Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Hugo Carvajal, Cordones Alcalá added: “It is now my turn to be targeted as Commander of the Fourth Armored Division, which is the strategic reserve of the Armed Forces, the most important ground garrison defending the country, and we have been providing the necessary signals in relation to adherence to the Constitution and adherence to the people.”

This was said during an interview with José Vicente Rangel via Televen, on Sunday morning.

JVR explained in the introduction why in the latest programs he has interviewed senior military commanders and leaders of the country’s institutions: “This is a systematic campaign aimed against the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. It is a campaign that goes beyond (…) the attack is aimed toward the fundamental institutions of the Republic, Supreme Court, Attorney General, Comptroller.”

The General added that he has as part of his convictions, “the fight against drug trafficking.”

When JVR told him that the Department of the Treasury included “as evidence” only “the famous computer of Raul Reyes, who incidentally is considered by the Colombian Supreme Court as invalid material, which has no legal basis” and the accusations of ” Walid Mkle, a drug dealer currently detained” the general said that the computer of the former second in command of FARC was dismissed as evidence “for the issue of chain of custody that is viewed as foreign influence, in this case, the imperialists”.

“The most important issue is Walid Makled in this regard,” he said, opening the issue of his alleged involvement with Walid Makled, now a prisoner in the jails of Sebin.

“The citizen was living and traveling around the world without any restriction. Once Venezuela seized 400 kilos of drugs from his farm (…) the decision to arrest this criminal was made, and the U.S. immediately indicated that this criminal was the third world’s biggest drug trafficker.” There, the general said that as part of negotiating with the DEA, Walid Makled denounced him as being involved with drug trafficking.” I mean, the world is upside down, a drug dealer pointing to a general who fought against him on the issue of drug trafficking.”

And assured: “There is no evidence against me.”

When JVR asked him, Alcala Cordones assured him that he does not possess “any goods, or bank accounts” in the United States. “My belongings are in Venezuela, the few I have.”

He said that neither the DEA nor the Treasury Department have sent queries. He added: “I don’t have an American visa.”

“We have a conviction to fight against drug trafficking while the Empire politicizes the issue.”

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