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Mexico Offers Reward for Info on Missing Students

| October 21st, 2014 | No Comments »
ABC News

By Maria Verza

The Mexican government announced rewards Monday of 1.5 million pesos ($111,000) for information on 43 students from a rural teachers’ college who have been missing since Sept. 26.

The government ran full-page ads in Mexican newspapers with pictures of the 43 young men. The government also offered 1.5 million pesos for information on those who had abducted or killed the students.

The government says it still does not know what happened to the students of the radical teachers’ college, after they were rounded up by local police and allegedly handed over to gunmen from a drug cartel.

About 50 people have been arrested or detained in the case, including police officers and suspected members of the Guerreros Unidos cartel.

Analyses of remains found in mass graves have so far not matched the students.

As part of the effort to search for the students — which now includes, air, ground water-borne patrols — and ... Read More

Federal police take control of 13 towns in Mexico

| October 20th, 2014 | No Comments »
Yahoo News-01

By Maria Versa

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Federal police have taken control of 13 municipalities in southern Mexico where local police are suspected of links to organized crime and possibly to the case of 43 missing students, a top official said.

The municipalities are all within a roughly 125-mile (200-kilometer) radius of Iguala, the town where the students from a rural teachers’ college disappeared more than three weeks ago after a confrontation with police. Twelve of the municipalities are in Guerrero state and one is in Mexico state. Among them are the tourist destinations of Taxco and Ixtapan de la Sal.

National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said Sunday night that authorities investigating the disappearance of the students found “irregularities” and “presumed links to organized crime” in the 13 municipal police forces.

Federal police have assumed control of public security in the municipalities, the police chiefs have been sent to a ... Read More

Mexico students: Guerreros Unidos gang leader ‘arrested’

| October 18th, 2014 | No Comments »

Mexican authorities say they have captured the suspected leader of a criminal gang allegedly involved in the disappearance of 43 students.Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado is said to be the main leader of the Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) gang.

The students, from a teaching college near Iguala in western Guerrero state, were last seen being bundled into police vehicles three weeks ago.

It came during clashes with police during a demonstration.

There have been demonstrations in support of the students across Mexico.

Mexico’s attorney general Jesus Murillo Karam said the arrest would open up new lines of investigation into what had happened to the students.

He added that 36 police officers and 27 members of Guerreros Unidos had already been arrested.

The mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, is also being sought by police on organised crime charges along with his police chief.

The congress in the state of Guerrero has impeached the mayor.

On Friday, thousands of protesters marched ... Read More

Pacific Rubiales Gains on Pact With for Mexican Ventures

| October 18th, 2014 | No Comments »

By Andrew Willis

Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. (PREC) signed an agreement with Petroleos Mexicanos to study oil and natural gas ventures as Mexico opens its energy sector to private investment for the first time in 76 years.

The Bogota- and Toronto-listed company entered into a three-year arrangement with state-owned Pemex to analyze potential projects including deep-water and onshore heavy oil ventures, Pacific Rubiales said today in a statement. The shares fell 1.7 percent to 29,200 pesos at the close of trading in Bogota after earlier surging as much as 7.9 percent.

“We expect Mexico will be a significant driver of future growth for Pacific Rubiales,” Chief Executive Officer Ronald Pantin said in the statement.

The former Petroleos de Venezuela SA executive is looking to Mexico’s energy liberalization for diversification as production growth slows at the company’s Colombian fields. Pacific Rubiales has more than $1 billion ready to invest in ... Read More

Pandemia mexicana

| October 17th, 2014 | No Comments »

Por José Manuel Suárez-Mier

No se había secado la tinta de mi última columna en la que comentaba la necedad de numerosos políticos de Estados Unidos de espantar a sus votantes con el inminente peligro de que terroristas islámicos invadirían su país desde México, cuando un alto mando de sus fuerzas armadas afirmó que el ébola llegaría desde nuestro país.

El general John F. Kelly, jefe del Comando Sur de las fuerzas armadas de Estados Unidos, responsable de monitorear los peligros que amenazan a su país desde América Latina y las Antillas, salió a decir que temía que inmigrantes del este de África, contaminados con el ébola, entraran ilegalmente por México.

Es realmente preocupante que un alto mando militar de la potencia bélica más poderosa del orbe diga tonterías de tal magnitud. ¿Cómo piensa el general Kelly que llegarán los ebólicos desde África a México: nadando? ¿Sabrá el comandante los muchos ... Read More

Latin America is a region plagued by incumbents

| October 17th, 2014 | No Comments »
Financial Times

By Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

Six weeks after falling for Marina Silva, pro-market souls (and the markets themselves) have bounced back, developing a new infatuation with the man who defeated her in Brazil’s presidential election. Propounding sensible policies and polling strongly, Aécio Neves will face off next month against Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s formidable incumbent. He may yet prevail. Brazil’s anaemic projected growth, coupled with rising unemployment, should be fertile ground for any challenger. Yet if history is any guide there is only one thing Ms Rousseff needs to do for her re-election to be all but certain: run.

Incumbents have an advantage everywhere. They enjoy high visibility and voters tend to prefer the devil they know. Yet the record of sitting Latin American presidents is astonishing. No Brazilian president seeking immediate re-election has ever failed to attain it. As far back as the 19th century, only two governing presidents anywhere in Latin America – Nicaragua’s ... Read More

Rising Dragon? The Chinese Mafia Threat in Latin America

| October 16th, 2014 | No Comments »
From In Sight

By David Gagne

Chinese mafia operations in Latin America are little understood, but a recent report on these groups in Argentina illustrates how they make their presence felt via extortion, human smuggling rings, and the occasional murder. As China deepens its economic relationship with Latin America, it’s possible these mafias may become ever more prominent.

Authorities in Argentina have attributed 31 murders over the last five years, and four in 2014 alone, to seven Chinese mafias operating in the country, reported La Nacion. These mafias reportedly earn revenue by extorting businesses within the Chinese community, and resort to violence when owners do not comply with their demands.

In at least three of the 2014 cases, the victim did not appear to have been robbed, leading authorities to believe they were killed after running afoul of criminal groups in the Chinese community. According to La Nacion, the Chinese mafias (also known ... Read More

Terrible no reconocer la caída del precio del petróleo

| October 16th, 2014 | No Comments »


Los precios del petróleo van en picada. Y uno de los perdedores de este proceso es el gobierno mexicano —en sus tres niveles: federal, estatal y municipal— ya que un tercio de sus ingresos depende directamente de este producto. Si a eso sumamos que la producción de crudo en México también se está cayendo, pues las autoridades tienen un gran problema frente a ellos. Por lo pronto, siguen sin reconocerlo. Más que aceptar la realidad, están apostándole a un milagro.

Es el caso, al parecer, de los diputados quienes están por aprobar la Ley de Ingresos y el  Presupuesto del año que entra. La Secretaría de Hacienda les envió una propuesta de un precio promedio de 82 dólares por barril para 2015. Estamos hablando de seis dólares más de lo que se vendió la mezcla mexicana ayer (76 dólares por barril). De acuerdo con la ... Read More

Lost Students Not Among Bodies Found in Mexico, Officials Say

| October 15th, 2014 | No Comments »
The New York Times

By Randal C. Archibold

MEXICO CITY — The mystery of the whereabouts of 43 college students reported missing after an outbreak of violence in southern Mexico deepened Tuesday after the authorities said initial testing had shown that none of the students were among the 28 bodies found in mass graves.

At the same time, the authorities said they were checking newly found graves to see if the undetermined number of remains found were those of the students.

The students were reported missing on Sept. 26 after gunfire by the police and masked attackers left six dead and several wounded in the city of Iguala in Guerrero State. Three students, part of a large group collecting donations for school and then stealing buses to travel to an Oct. 2 demonstration protesting cuts to their state-financed teachers college, ... Read More

Mexico’s Deadly Narco-Politics

| October 10th, 2014 | No Comments »
The New York Times

By Ioan Grillo

IGUALA, Mexico — STUDENT protesters in rural Mexico have long dealt with heavy-handed police officers. But on the black night of Sept. 26, students who attended a rural teachers’ college realized they were facing a far worse menace in this southern city. Not only were police officers shooting haphazardly at them, killing three students and several passers-by; shady gunmen were also firing from the sidelines.

The next morning, the corpse of a student was dumped on a major street. He’d had his skin peeled off and his eyes gouged out. It was the mark of drug cartel assassins.

Soldiers and federal detectives detained two alleged cartel hit men, who confessed they had conspired with the police to murder students. They led troops to pits on the outskirts of Iguala containing 28 charred corpses. ... Read More

Arrest of Suspected Drug Lord in Mexico Is Seen as Symbolic Amid Police Scandal

| October 10th, 2014 | No Comments »
The New York Times

By Damien Cave

MEXICO CITY — Vicente Carrillo Fuentes was the mediocre heir, the authorities said. He never quite gained the fame or authority of his brother, Amado Carrillo Fuentes — the Juarez cartel’s late founder and the kingpin famous for both flying cocaine to the United States in jumbo jets and dying during failed plastic surgery in 1997.

Instead, Vicente was vicious. Mr. Carillo Fuentes, who was arrested Thursday by Mexican authorities in the northern city of Torreon, ran the Juarez ring with an eye for killing and a thirst for allies, according to American and Mexican officials who have been pursuing him for 14 years.

His was the era when the battle between the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels made Ciudad Juárez as bloody and violent as a war zone. And yet at this point, ... Read More

Outrage, at last

| October 10th, 2014 | No Comments »
The Economist

By H.T.

IT WAS “outrageous, painful and unacceptable”. With those words, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto echoed the feelings of the nation on October 6th after the discovery of 28 charred bodies, dug up the previous weekend in mass graves near the city of Iguala, 80 miles (125km) southwest of the capital.

Though the authorities have not yet publicly identified the corpses, Mr Peña indicated the truth of what everyone suspects: that the victims were among 43 teacher-trainees who went missing after a night of police violence in Iguala on September 26th in which six people were killed. Authorities from the state of Guerrero, Mexico’s most murder-plagued, have arrested 22 Iguala policemen in connection with the disappearances. If confirmed, it would be the worst massacre in almost two years of the president’s tenure.

But it may not be the only one (see table). Late last month, the army arrested seven soldiers in connection with ... Read More

Cae en Coahuila El Viceroy, hermano de El Señor de los cielos

| October 9th, 2014 | No Comments »

SALTILLO, Coah. 9 de octubre.- Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, alias “El Viceroy”, fue detenido en la ciudad de Torreón, Coahuila, en un operativo implementado por la Policía Federal, en que según informes de las autoridades no se realizó ni un solo disparo.

El operativo fue coordinado por el Consejo Nacional de Seguridad  y que es encabezado por el secretario de Gobernación, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong.

“El Viceroy”, es hermano de Amado Carrillo Fuentes, fundador del cártel de Juárez, mejor conocido como “El Señor de los Cielos”.

Vicente Carrillo Fuentes era uno de los capos más buscados en México y el gobierno federal ofrecía 30 millones de pesos por información que llevara a su captura, mientras que Estados Unidos 5 millones de dólares.

El cártel de Juárez fue fundado a la muerte de Pablo Acosta Villarreal y fue comandado por Amado Carrillo hasta 1997, año en que murió. Posteriormente “El Viceroy” se convirtió en uno de los líderes del cártel junto con Juan ... Read More

In Mexico, parents hold vigil for 43 disappeared

| October 9th, 2014 | No Comments »
Article originally appeared in the Associated Press


TIXTLA, Mexico (AP) — Two weeks after 43 students disappeared in a clash with police in rural southern Mexico, dozens of anxious parents have gathered at a teachers’ college that was supposed to be their sons’ escape from life as subsistence farmers.

Wearing donated clothing, they wait for any word on the fate of their children, eating simple meals of rice, beans and tortillas and holding prayer sessions in a makeshift shelter on the school’s covered courtyard.

“They took him away alive, and that’s the way I want him back,” said Macedonia Torres Romero, whose son Jose Luis is among the disappeared.

But it seems ever more unlikely as time passes.

Prosecutors attribute the Sept. 26 disappearances to police, who also killed six and wounded at least 25 in separate attacks. The case has outraged Mexicans even in a country where ... Read More

Anatomy of a Mexican Student Massacre

| October 8th, 2014 | No Comments »
The Daily Beast


For almost a century a teacher’s college in rural Mexico has been training educators and activists. Last month, dozens were abducted and slaughtered—by the police.

MEXICO CITY — Twelve days ago, police and unidentified gunmen believed to be members of a drug cartel ambushed a caravan of college student activists in the state of Guerrero, about half way from Mexico City to Acapulco.

Near the central plaza in the town of Iguala, a total of six persons were shot to death. Three were student activists from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapa. Three additional shooting victims were a semiprofessional soccer player riding in one of the three buses, a taxi driver, and his female passenger. But most likely they were unintended victims caught in the line of fire. There’s no question the students were the target.

One who survived the first fusillade, ... Read More

El legado de Insulza y el futuro de la OEA

| October 8th, 2014 | No Comments »
El Pais


Corría Febrero del año 2011. Un grupo de estudiantes en Venezuela había decidido iniciar una huelga de hambre en protesta contra el gobierno de Hugo Chávez. En Washington, junto con un grupo de estudiantes venezolanos, decidimos apoyar la protesta pidiendo un pronunciamiento de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA). Lo hicimos a través de decenas de cartas dirigidas a cada uno de los embajadores, notas de prensa, y una protesta frente al Edificio principal del organismo, previo a una sesión de su consejo Perrmanente.

Terminada esta sesión, el secretario general José Miguel Insulza nos otorgó una audiencia privada, en la que nos dijo: “Me compadezco con ustedes, yo también sufrí una dictadura en carne propia y tuve que refugiarme en el exterior. Pero tienen que entender, a Chávez no lo van a vencer con cartas, Chávez es un dictador, y en Venezuela hay una dictadura militar”.

Esta anécdota sirve para describir el ... Read More

Latin American Growth to Slow, World Bank Says

| October 8th, 2014 | No Comments »
Wall Street Journal WSJ-01 By RYAN DUBE LIMA, Peru—Latin America is on track this year to post its slowest rate of annual growth since 2009, when the global financial crisis began to be felt in the region, the World Bank said Tuesday.

The bank cut its growth forecast for the region by nearly half to 1.2%, following expansions of 2.4% and 3% in the previous two years. In its semiannual report on Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Bank said the region could grow 2.2% next year, but cautioned that it was still unclear whether the current downward cycle has bottomed out.

“We do not know if this deceleration has hit bottom, or if there is further deceleration to come,” said Augusto de la Torre, the World Bank’s chief economist for Latin America, in a telephone interview. But growth, he said, “is not going to be what it used to be in the past decade, partially because ... Read More

Summit missing a strong agenda

| October 8th, 2014 | No Comments »
The Miami Herald


With the ink not yet dry on the invitations, the April 2015 Summit of the Americas is perilously close to failure.

Failure rooted in the simple fact that a summit must be about more than its invite list.

And to date, summit host Panama and leaders across the Americas have done little to prepare other than obsessing about inviting Cuba and waiting to see how Washington responds.

That is not the basis for a mature, modern relationship, and it can’t make for anything but a missed opportunity in Panama.

This is particularly true when one considers the enormous shared opportunities and challenges that stand before the hemisphere and President Obama’s commitment to working as a good partner in the Americas.

From tackling the plague of violence in the Americas; to making good on energy and climate cooperation championed by President Obama at the ... Read More

Mexico: Alleged Drug Boss Beltran Leyva Captured

| October 2nd, 2014 | No Comments »
ABC News

By E. Eduardo Castillo

Military special forces grabbed alleged cartel leader Hector Beltran Leyva during a lightning raid at a restaurant Wednesday, the latest in a string of high-profile drug arrests in the country.

Officials said the purported head of the Beltran Leyva drug gang was captured inside a seafood eatery in the city of San Miguel de Allende, a popular enclave for foreigners and artists in the central state of Guanajuato.

No shots were fired in the brief operation, which culminated an 11-month investigation, federal criminal investigations chief Tomas Zeron said at an evening news conference.

The arrest comes just months after the capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the elusive boss of the Sinaloa cartel, which is considered the most powerful drug gang in Mexico. He was caught in February after more than a decade on the run following his escape from prison.

Mexican authorities say Hector Beltran Leyva, 49, assumed leadership of ... Read More

Cae ‘El H’, líder del clan de los Beltrán Leyva

| October 2nd, 2014 | No Comments »
Milenio Diario


El capo Héctor Beltrán Leyva, El H, líder del cártel que lleva sus apellidos, fue detenido en San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, por la Unidad de Operaciones Especiales del Ejército, tras 11 meses de investigación de los órganos de inteligencia del gobierno federal.

El H residía en Querétaro y se manejaba con un bajo perfil, haciéndose pasar como un empresario “acomodado”, dedicado a la venta de bienes inmuebles y obras de arte.

Junto con él fue capturado Germán Goyenechea Ortega, operador financiero de la organización delictiva; ambos portaban armas cortas de uso exclusivo de las fuerzas armadas.

Tomás Zerón de Lucio, director de la Agencia de Investigación Criminal de la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR), dijo que el golpe contra el narcotraficante se concretó ayer en un restaurante de mariscos, sin realizarse un solo disparo, culminando exitosamente la operación denominada “Hotel”.

El cártel bajo el mando de Héctor, considerado uno de los más violentos, ... Read More

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